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Arcadia Cordis

Iron Wine Shape Wire Lamp

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Bullet Points: 1、The style is classical and elegant, and it is very decorative. 2、Suitable for home, hotel, restaurant, KTV and other scenes. 3、The light features energy efficient light source for longer service life 4、The light is soft and not glaring, creating a good atmosphere. 5、The wine bottle LED light features iron shell for durable. Features: The style is classical and elegant, and it is very decorative. Suitable for home, hotel, restaurant, KTV and other scenes. The light features energy efficient light source for longer service life. The light is soft and not glaring, creating a good atmosphere. The wine bottle LED light features iron shell for durable. Description: Style: red wine glass / red wine bottle / hangover bottle / wine jug Shell material: wrought iron Light source: 20L copper wire lamp Light source color: warm white Power supply mode: 3 * AA battery power supply (without battery) Lamp Specifications: E14 Protection level: IP43  battery-powered. batteries not included product weight:(about) Red wine glass: 250g Red wine bottle: 380g Sobering bottle: 390g Separate jug: 270g   Product Size:(about) Red wine glass: 13*13*28cm/5.12*5.12*11.02inch Red wine bottle: 11*11*30cm/4.33*4.33*11.81inch Sobering bottle: 16*16*25cm/6.30*6.30*9.84inch Separate jug: 12*12*19cm/4.72*4.72*7.48inch battery